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Engineering and Manufacturing Assessor

Engineering and Manufacturing Assessor

'I decided to leave engineering because I wanted to have a more direct impact on the future of the industry. Teaching and assessing gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with those just starting out. It's incredibly rewarding to see my students succeed..'

Mohamed Touray

engineering and manufacturing assessor (2)
engineering and manufacturing assessor (1)

'After years in manufacturing, I realised that my true passion was in mentoring and guiding new talent. Becoming an NVQ assessor allowed me to use my industry experience in a meaningful way, helping to shape the workforce of tomorrow..'

Nora Davies

'I loved engineering, but I felt something was missing. I wanted a role where I could make a difference in individuals' lives. Transitioning to an assessor role in engineering has allowed me to pass on my skills and watch my students grow and excel..'

Mark Gates

engineering and manufacturing assessor (4)

Success Stories

At the Education and Training Academy, we take pride in the journeys of our learners who transition from hands-on roles in engineering and manufacturing to become successful NVQ assessors. These individuals have not only elevated their careers but have also contributed significantly to shaping the future of their industries. Let's explore why some of them made this life-changing decision and delve into the success stories of those who have thrived in their new roles.

John McNeil

John worked for years in a high-demand manufacturing environment, where he mastered various technical skills. However, he yearned for a role that allowed him to share his knowledge and positively impact the industry's future. Enrolling in the Education and Training Academy's Assessor Course was a pivotal decision. Post-completion, John is now a sought-after assessor in manufacturing, shaping the industry's future leaders.
engineering and manufacturing assessor (4)
engineering and manufacturing assessor

Tiffany Grey

Tiffany, an accomplished mechanical engineer, found her passion in teaching and mentoring young professionals. The Education and Training Academy's Assessor Course provided her with the necessary skills and confidence to make this transition. Today, Emily is a celebrated educator and assessor in engineering, widely recognised

Expected Salary


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Per Year

What Do I Need to Teach?

Qualifications Required

Minimum of Level 3 qualification in a related specialism

Experience Required

Ideally a minimum of 3-years of professional experience.

Trainer / Assessor Requirements

Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

Our Recommendations

Sector Qualifications Required

Ideally, a Level 3 qualification in the specific engineering or manufacturing discipline you wish to assess.

Experience Needed

A minimum of 3-5 years of professional experience in the sector.

Teaching Requirements

As a bare minimum you will need the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement. If you are also looking to teach in the classroom then we recommend bolting on the Level 3 Award in Education and Training AET) as it will open more doors to teaching opportunities such as those looking to teach courses such Lean Six Sigma. 

The Engineering and Manufacturing Assessor Bundle

Our teaching and assessing qualifications are recognised by Ofqual and will qualify you as Engineering and Manufacturing Assessor nationally within the UK and abroad. These qualifications will also allow you to teach and assess in any other industry too.

level 3 education and training

From £280

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level 3 assessing vocational achievement

From £495

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Level 3 Award in Education and Training (AET)

From £280

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training is essential to teach any qualification and is an introductory to teaching. The Level 3 Award in Education and Training is a widely recognised qualification designed for individuals aspiring to become effective educators, trainers, or instructors across a variety of sectors and industries. This qualification provides a solid foundation in teaching and training principles, equipping candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver engaging and informative sessions. This is the recommended to add a variety of other teaching capabilities to your bow but not essential. 

What you can teach with this bundle

NVQ in Mechanical Engineering
NVQ in Electrical Engineering
NVQ in Manufacturing Operations
NVQ in Welding and Fabrication
NVQ in Automotive Engineering
NVQ in Production Line Management
NVQ in CAD and Drafting
NVQ in Industrial Maintenance
NVQ in Robotics and Automation
NVQ in Quality Control and Inspection
Subject to you holding the relevant subject qualification and experience


What qualifications do I need to become an NVQ assessor in engineering/manufacturing?

You need a relevant vocational qualification at least at Level 3, substantial work experience in your field, and the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

Do I need to be a qualified teacher to become an assessor?

No, teaching qualifications are not mandatory, but a relevant assessing qualification, like the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement, is required.

How long does it take to become a qualified assessor?

 The duration can vary, but typically the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement can be completed within a few weeks.

What kind of support will I receive during my training?

You'll receive support from experienced tutors, access to comprehensive learning materials, and guidance on practical assessments.

What are the main responsibilities of an NVQ assessor?

NVQ assessors are responsible for guiding learners through their vocational qualifications, assessing their competency, providing feedback, and ensuring that standards are met.

Can I continue working in my industry while training to be an assessor?

Yes, many training programs are designed to be flexible and can be pursued alongside your current job.

Is there a demand for NVQ assessors in engineering and manufacturing?

Absolutely. There's a growing need for skilled assessors in these sectors due to the continuous development of technical skills and vocational training.

Are there opportunities for continuous professional development as an assessor?

Yes, continuous professional development is encouraged and often required to stay updated with industry standards and teaching methodologies.

Can I assess qualifications outside my specific field of expertise?

Generally, assessors are required to have expertise in the specific field they are assessing. Cross-field assessment might require additional qualifications or experience.

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Ready to enrol onto the Engineering and Manufacturing Assessor Bundle including Level 3 Award in Education and Training and Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

Level 3 Award in Education and Training and Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement: £775 per delegate

With the Level 4 Award in Understanding Internal Quality Assurance - £999

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Spread the cost over 12 interest free instalments
Choose the monthly payment option at checkout to spread the cost of your course over 12 months interest-free. Course fees must be paid in full before the certificate is issued.
Latest Reviews
This is a fantastic course. Completed the AET level 3. For someone who has learning and physical disabilities the tutor is very understanding and excellent in answering and explaining questions very quickly.Without the support i had from them, i think i would never have thought i would be able to do this as a self-study... more
Rosina Rushen
Rosina Rushen
Recent completed the Level 4 EQA qualification with The Education and Training Academy, it was straight forward, easy and the feedback, communication and support was really good. I Would highly recomend The Education and Training Academy 5*
Seamus Higgins
Seamus Higgins
Excellent delivery of my Level 4 EQA course and exceptional customer service.Highly recommended.
Ryan Trumpeter
Ryan Trumpeter
Grant Ralston
Grant Ralston
I have recently completed a level 4 qualification with the Education and Training Academy, the enrolment process was quick and easy and I was able to start my course straight away. The training materials have been very good and the support is there when needed. A good experience of online learning.
Very happy with all aspects of face to face training for my L3 AET, well communicated and allows for a variety of approaches.
Angus Andrews
Angus Andrews
having recently gone through one of matt's courses with the st john ambulance i found it thought prevoking and engaging, it will stretch you and take you out of your comfort zone, i feel like ive only just started on my road to become a trainer and look forward to the road ahead, Matt is helpful and friendly offering loads... of advice, hope to come back and do an assessors course soonread more
Glen Abbott
Glen Abbott
It was great to receive my Level 4 EQA Award today from Matthew Reynolds.I highly recommend Matthew for your TAQA needs; excellent guidance and support from beginning to end. It's been a pleasure to work with like-minded quality individuals.
Matthew was very helpful and encouraged me all the way through my learning
Lynn Morris
Lynn Morris
The Education and Training Academy were extremely knowledgeable, flexible and supportive in helping me attain my L4 CET. Matthew Reynolds was an excellent tutor and I would recommend this company to any looking to complete their teaching qualification.
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith
A supportive environment to carry out this course. I would recommend it to anyone considering it. Matthew provides additional support through a Facebook group and responds in a timely way to emails. Thank you
Jane Unwin
Jane Unwin
i had a great experience to study at this place and finish L3 AET .they provide price effective courses to complete you carrer
Matthew was brilliant from start to finish, gave guidance and support whenever I needed it. Provided feedback throughout the course on all the work I submitted and helped me achieve my qualification. Highly recommend.
Chris Spurr
Chris Spurr
Hi had best experience of doing that course my tuition was so helpful I will for sure recommend it.
Hussain Akhtar
Hussain Akhtar
I can recommend their Level 3 AET course, Matt is knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. The course was really enjoyable and I learnt a lot!
Natascha Watson
Natascha Watson
Great experience with a fun learning aspect, very patience approach.
Lee Pugh
Lee Pugh
I have just completed my Level 3 in teaching and education. I couldn't thank the company enough. They replied to my emails incredibly quickly and nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommend!
Jay Mackerill
Jay Mackerill
I recently completed a Level 3 CAVA with The Education and Training Academy, and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Their professionalism, expertise, and support made the learning journey smooth and rewarding. I highly recommend them for anyone pursuing vocational assessments or professional development.
Jack Owen
Jack Owen
A very enjoyable experience all round! Matt was very supportive and delivered really interesting tailored content. Really good feedback and help with the written side as well.
Joseph Fowler
Joseph Fowler
Working with education and training academy has been fantastic the support even after the course has finished they provide is above and beyond expected.
Sam Linley
Sam Linley
After over 30 years of marketing experience and countless training courses, I finally had the opportunity to formally learn how to educate and train through The Education and Training Academy. It has been an invaluable experience, giving me the tools and perspective needed to organise learning in a manner that is... structured and measurable. A classic case of not knowing how much I needed something until I took the more
Neil Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
Having some previous teaching experience, but lacking the qualification I needed to start training formally accredited courses, I completed the Level 3 Award in Education and Training with Matt and the Education and Training Academy.From the beginning, the expectations needed to complete the qualification were laid out... brilliantly in the academy's resources, which really made the process of completing the portfolio as clear as possible. The taught days of the course were a really enjoyable experience, students came from a range of backgrounds and the trainer ensured everyone felt involved and able to share their experiences. Many of the learning methods discussed on the course were clearly demonstrated and we had some great group discussions which left me reflecting on new ways of improving my own teaching approaches. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to complete their Level 3 more
Jamie Wilmore
Jamie Wilmore
Matt has been one of the best trainers I have ever met. He describes things extremely well and has compassion for his learners. Thank you for all of your continuing support and I hope to catch up with you soon. God Bless you Matt and Thank You
Tim Edmonds
Tim Edmonds
This course is fantastic I would recommend it to anyone. Matt is a fantastic trainer. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Matt for being amazing I’m so pleased I’ve completed this course.
Mandy Godfrey
Mandy Godfrey
For years I've struggled to fit in and find something to suit me I was tired of not fitting in and wanted to do something what makes me happyI've now built up the confidence and knowledge to follow my dreams and get into my dream role as a tutor.I took the Level 3 Award in Education and Training course and completed it... distance learning with the education and training academy where I had a lot of help and support from the tutor who helped me build confidence in myself to believe in myself to get through the qualificationI feel happy and confident and ready to move into my dream job role where I know I will feel like I fit in and happy to go to work everydayI'm looking at moving into a full time job where I can pass on my knowledge to more
Daz Johnson
Daz Johnson
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