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Why teach? The benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training

I am often asked the question as to why I chose to teach. And what are the benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training?  

For me, it wasn’t just about what I personally could gain from it.  

I knew right from the start that it was more about what I could see my students, aspiring teachers, and trainee assessors achieving for themselves. And then this whole ripple effect of advancement, reaching goals, and dream jobs become a reality.

There are so many reasons to teach.

The sense of knowing that becoming qualified to deliver education and training is going to have an impact on even just one person’s life every day is enough. In reality, though, it will impact hundreds. And will continue to do so for years to come.

So, if you are considering if the benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training are enough for you, read on for some guidance and inspiration, which will take any of you who are sitting on the fence right into the same place I was when I decided on teaching as a career for me.  

Five reasons to teach

1.  The reward

We see plenty of TV adverts about teaching, showing some amazing examples of the impact one great schoolteacher can create.

But nothing comes close to the real sense of achievement and satisfaction when you see a student becoming the person they wanted to be.

When a student reaches their goals, finds their dream job, and settles into their chosen career, you know you have been a part of that journey.

That reward is worth all the time and energy that went into your own teacher training. And the pride of paying your knowledge and experience forward to them.

2.  Use your passion to inspire others

Wanting to learn is a fundamental part of human nature.  Remember the excitement when you found the subjects at school that you really loved?

From the inquisitiveness  and the desire to continue along a path of personal development as an older student. The benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training often focus more on the financial elements than anything else.

But I am starting with other aspects first. For instance, being allowed to bring your own unique strengths and passion into the classroom far outweighed any of the monetary considerations for me.

And let’s face it, there are not many careers where you know your enthusiasm to deliver your message is positively encouraged. Let alone received with the same enthusiasm as you give out!

3.  A career path with job security

Not only does a teaching career bring a sense of reward and satisfaction, but there is also the knowledge of security.

I say it so often, but one of the benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training, in any environment, is that you find yourself with more than ‘just a job.’

It gives you the choice of happily remaining in a job you love, and at a level you are comfortable with. Or it can open up doors to opportunities for progression.  

Whether you pick up teacher training as a mature student, with the Level 3 Award in Education and Training or the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, or you knew from leaving school that teaching was always your dream role, you have the option to move up the career ladder as far as you wish.

Teaching isn’t all about standing in front of a class.

With options available for face-to-face or online courses to qualify as a teacher, mentor, or assessor, you can deliver training and education in the workplace if that’s your preference.    

The construction industry, for example, is crying out for skilled workers. If this is an area you’d like to know more about, and how you can put your experience to greater use, find out how to become a construction trainer in one of our recent posts.

But the possibilities are endless in many other industries, and training facilities, if you are looking to enhance your own skills, or for a complete career change.

The Education and Training Academy is your first port of call, with a huge variety of courses, awards, diplomas, and learning routes available.

We have been honoured to share the benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training with past and present students. And we know you will feel the same way when you experience your learning journey with us.

4.  The salary and financial benefits of teaching

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention the salary opportunities as one of the benefits of teaching.

The benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training don’t just show in your monthly pay alone.

Taking on the role of training and educating staff onsite in a work environment can also include pension schemes, health schemes, and CPD which should be factored into your overall package too.

Or you may choose to go down a self-employed route delivering training and education in a specific industry or become an expert in delivering Health & Safety Training, for instance.  

The scope is wide open to broaden your career opportunities.

This leads me to the final point in my list of the benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training.

5.  You never stop learning!

“Every day’s a school day.” In our line of work, this has never been more appropriate!

From adapting learning journeys to education in the virtual online world. To differentiation in the classroom. And keeping up to date with technology and industry developments.

No matter where you choose to teach or deliver any form of training, one day is never the same as the next. One group of students will always ask a new question. One student will require slightly different teaching techniques.

So, in addition to all the above, one of the benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training is that you will find you are constantly learning about yourself. Growing in terms of mindset, confidence, knowledge, and experience.

And all the time, you are sharing this as an inspirational and motivational example to others.

How to find out more about our professional qualifications

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of becoming qualified to deliver education and training, why not read some of our student testimonials?

We know there are other training facilitators, offering similar courses. But we also know that our team is as invested in your career development and learning journey as you are.

See how gaining a professional qualification, training as an assessor, or becoming a teacher or trainer can change your world too. You can check our course outlines to see what is available for you, or simply contact one of the team here at the Education and Training Academy.

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