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Why qualifications can help boost your career

Are you looking for a way to improve yourself in an industry or profession you love? Or are you looking for a change in your career? Are you assessing your options right now, and want to know why qualifications can help boost your career?

Whether you are starting out in a job requiring recognised professional certification. Or you want to step up in a long-standing role, the more knowledge you can access, the more your career will benefit, and the potential that is out there will increase for you.  

I have to say, if you are reading articles such as this, you’re already heading in the right direction!

You have the enthusiasm, drive, and determination to prove you like to make the most of every opportunity.

There are some apparent reasons as to why qualifications can help boost your career, such as looking good on your CV, and helping meet your Continued Professional Development (CPD) target.  

But read on to find out more about why qualifications can help boost your career.

Make your way up the career ladder

You want to succeed at work, right? You love your job. You want to finally feel as though you’re not battling against the best, day after day.

Maybe you are considering coming back into the workplace as a teacher or an assessor after a career break? And you want to boost your skills, catch up on the developments within your specific industry, and show your potential employer that you’ve spent your time away from work productively.  

The type of qualifications relevant for your personal career will depend on the type of profession you are in now, or want to work in.

Regardless of the role though, working towards professional or academic qualifications shows dedication and the willingness to succeed.

Aside from what you personally will achieve in self-esteem, confidence, and vision, by boosting your skills and expanding your knowledge, another reason why qualifications can help boost your career is that your employer, current or future, will look upon it favourably.

You can bring more to your role, to your team, and potentially more to the business. Of course, it will also look great on your work records if you are wanting to make your way up the career ladder.

Imagine the scenario. Two candidates have made it to the final stages of an application for promotion. One has been with the business for over 10 years but has simply sat back on their past exceptional performance, and believes they have the knowledge and experience to be handed the role. The other has not only performed exceptionally but has consistently worked to improve their skills and technical expertise by attending all relevant training courses, and added voluntary qualifications to their employee record too.  

Which would you choose?     

Don’t let your chances for promotion to your dream job pass you by, when dedicating time to gain relevant qualifications could be the deciding factor.

As an aside, your qualification doesn’t have to be based around the more ‘obvious’ hard skills, or a technical certificate. Gaining qualifications in soft skills, people skills, communication, problem-solving, time management, and so much more, could also stand you in a great position if you are wanting to progress.

Your employer will love you for it!

Higher earning potential and credibility

Of course, along with a promotion, CPD, or a strong commitment to personal development in your existing role, generally also means your potential for higher earnings increases.

Whilst some employers may want to see specific qualifications, and they are required for employment in the likes of teaching, medicine, law, banking, what about the self-employed?

Some trades demand professional qualifications, and evidence of a minimum level of knowledge and experience, to carry out certain jobs. Electricians, plumbers, tutors, for example.  

Being able to evidence that you are a fully qualified professional, or at the very least you hold current membership to a reputable trade body, brings with it additional credibility for potential clients, who may otherwise feel anxious about the standards of work, and level of experience you are bringing to their family, home, or commercial site.

If you have any queries about the level of formal certification or professional qualification we can offer for your job, please contact us here at the Education and Training Academy for further information.

Why qualifications can help boost your career and open your options for a career change

You’ve seen already how qualifications improve your chances of promotion in your existing company, particularly if you are against others without that same level of education.

The same applies to gaining additional qualifications if you are working towards a complete career change.

It’s never too late to change direction in life, and it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might imagine.

Here at the Education and Training Academy, we believe the availability of online education, as well as a face-to-face learning environment, is as important and relevant at any age or for students of any background.

You could enrol in distance learning and study in your own time whilst still working in your current employment.

Or, if you can afford to take time out completely from a paid job, as well as cover the cost of the qualification, how about taking a career break to study for something you have always wanted to do?

Doing a job you are passionate about makes your working life so much easier, more enjoyable, and you automatically want to continue to progress and develop.

Likewise, if your career change takes you into a business area that doesn’t require any professional qualifications, simply by having professional or academic qualifications you reflect aptitude, the capacity to take on appropriate new skills and knowledge, and you could therefore be considered steps ahead of other non-qualified or lesser-qualified competitors.

Going into a new job, in an industry where you hold no experience or formal qualifications, could be an uphill struggle.

However, showing the commitment to learning, and that you have clear career goals, before starting your new career will get you off the starting grid straight away.

Discover for yourself why qualifications can help boost your career

If you are considering working towards a qualification, now is as good a time as any!

We have probably all taken the opportunity to reflect on life over the past couple of years, so Covid can take some credit for something at least.

In fact, IPSOS, a global leader in market research, has recently released findings from a study suggesting that 2022 is likely to bring about much change in the employment world. From resigning and seeking alternative employment, taking offers of redundancy, or simply giving up work altogether.

For those who want to remain in employment, qualifications could be that deciding factor we mentioned earlier if the final decision comes down to the want to succeed, and the evidence of wanting to be the best.

Hardly unsurprising then, that we are seeing an increasing number of students applying for our courses because they are either completely dissatisfied with their current role and want to better their chances of an internal promotion or a new job externally; they have reached an age where they want to turn a passion into a career and learn something new; or have decided that an online course might be the way they can continue to develop whilst still in the job they love.

As experienced training providers, here at the Education and Training Academy, our focus isn’t just on getting you through your qualification. Of course, we want to see you all proudly showing off your certificates. But, for us, it’s about your whole learning journey.

We create the most effective learning environment whether that be in the classroom or within our online courses. We deliver the best solutions for you as individuals. We know how important your career is.

Is now the time for you to find out why qualifications can help boost your career? If so, check our website for available courses, or contact one of the team for a no-obligation chat about how your qualifications might not only improve your career, but your entire life.

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