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Perfecting the Assessment Process for SIA Instructors with the Level 3 Award

In the specialized field of security, where Physical Intervention (PI) skills are critical, the ability to assess learners against agreed standards is paramount. At the Education and Training Academy, we pride ourselves on our structured, fair, and comprehensive approach to training SIA Instructors, especially through our Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training program.

Completing Observation with Precision

Our SIA Instructors are trained to perform meticulous observations of learners executing PI techniques. Utilizing a structured observation checklist, derived from the PI model, ensures that no critical component of the technique goes unchecked. This methodical approach underlines the importance of evaluating every aspect of the performance, from stance to hand placement and movement control.

Upholding Assessment Integrity

Integrity in assessment is non-negotiable. By employing a detailed criteria checklist, our SIA Instructors ensure a thorough assessment of each PI technique. This objective measurement helps maintain fairness and clarity, setting a clear benchmark for learners to meet or exceed.

Constructive Feedback: A Tool for Growth

Feedback is more than just critique; it's a cornerstone of learning. Our SIA Instructors provide immediate, specific, and constructive feedback, highlighting both strengths and areas needing improvement. This balanced approach encourages learners to refine their skills, fostering an environment of continuous improvement.

Leveraging Video Technology for Enhanced Learning

The use of video recording equipment is a game-changer in our assessment process. By recording demonstrations, we offer learners the unique opportunity to review and analyze their performance, promoting self-awareness and improvement. This method also ensures accurate record-keeping and supports a transparent assessment process.

The Benefits of Video-Assisted Assessment

Through video-assisted assessment, learners gain insight into their own performance, identifying areas for improvement through self-review and detailed analysis with their instructors. This innovative approach not only enhances learning but also provides a solid basis for tracking progression and resolving any assessment disputes.

At the Education and Training Academy, our goal is to equip SIA Instructors with the skills and tools necessary for assessing learners against the highest standards. Our Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training is designed to foster excellence, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to deliver training that is both effective and reflective of the critical role they play in public safety.

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