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Mastering the Art of Safe Physical Intervention: A Guide for Aspiring SIA Instructors

At the Education and Training Academy, we're dedicated to equipping our learners, especially those aspiring to become SIA Instructors, with the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting effective and safe physical intervention training sessions. Understanding the importance of a thorough risk assessment in training environments cannot be overstated. Here's how we ensure safety is always at the forefront:

Venue Risk Assessment: Every aspect of our training environment is meticulously evaluated. From ensuring ample space for the safe practice of SIA-approved physical intervention techniques to evaluating the suitability of flooring, we leave no stone unturned. Our priority is creating a training space that minimizes risks and maximizes learning.

Participant Safety: We initiate a rigorous health screening process to ensure participants are physically fit for the demands of the training. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and clear emergency procedures are non-negotiables in our academy, ensuring every learner feels secure and focused on mastering the skills.

Qualified Instruction: Our instructors are not only certified but are also experts in risk minimisation. With adequate supervision ratios, we guarantee that every learner receives the attention and guidance needed for safe practice.

Ensuring a Safe Learning Experience: We adapt our training spaces and employ specifically designed props to enhance the learning experience without compromising safety. Regular safety orientations and continuous monitoring ensure that safety protocols are always followed.

Through rigorous risk assessment and a commitment to continuous improvement, the Education and Training Academy stands as a beacon of excellence in delivering the Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training. Our approach ensures that every aspiring SIA Instructor leaves not just with knowledge, but with the confidence to teach others safely and effectively.

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