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how not to babble

I don’t want to babble and lose interest of my learners

Fears of newly qualified teachers following the Level 3 Award in Education and Training are babbling too much and boring your learners.

Let’s put a positive spin on this, you babble because you are passionate and knowledgeable in your subject. And guess what when I teach the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, I babble too. Its normal but its not a big deal.

I remember teaching something and to this day, I can’t remember what the point of it was but I remember I was talking about personal space and ended up drawing the men’s toilets in the board and discussing which cubicle you would select based on several scenarios. I was teaching the Level 3 Award in Education and Training at the time so I still don’t know why I was talking about it but I remember it because I was so lost. 

At this point, I confessed to the classroom ‘Sorry but I got carried away and completely forgot about the purpose if this point’. So I apologised and unusually none of the learners could remember where we were so I couldn’t I back. This never happens by the way, someone always tells you where you were.

Long story short, I apologised and went back to my PowerPoint. The PowerPoint is your secret best friend. Use your PowerPoint for visual learners but I use PowerPoint for the purpose of keeping me on track. We will be asked questions and conversations dive into different topics, its normally better to deal with it then rather than delay so use PowerPoint so you ensure you get through all the materials you are supposed to.

Use your session plan to keep you on track. If you become extremely familiar with your lesson plan, you will naturally stop using it. I know the Level 3 Award in Education and Training like the back of my hand so I no longer refer to it but I know where I need to be at any given point in the day. When you are new to teaching, your session plan is critical to keep you focused, it keeps your teaching points in check but it also allows you to monitor progress to check if you have babbled too much.

Talking will switch off some learners, the key is to ensure that you switch up your activities regularly. Babble for a bit, get your learners to do something, babble some more and get your learners to do something else. Mix it up to keep your learners engaged, its your activities, not your babbling that bores learners.

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