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dealing with class expert

How to deal with the class expert

Class experts are a distraction in the classroom and can make it difficult for students to learn and its more difficult for novice teachers to overcome. However, with some simple techniques, it is possible to manage class experts so that they do not disrupt your class and try to take away your credibility. In the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, you may have a colleague who seems to know it all and wants to challenge you, trust me we can deal with this.

The first step in handling the class expert is to understand why they are acting out. Many times, its to get attention in a negative way. Once you understand the motivation, you can work on ways to redirect that attention in a more positive way. Some ideas include praising other students when they are behaving well or providing specific feedback to the class clown on their positive behaviour.

It can be a result of a personality disorder. People with this disorder have an extreme desire to be recognized or approved by others. This is because of the fact that their underlying problem is a lack of self-esteem.

So what are the causes of the class expert behaviour?

1. Lack of attention at home

There are many reasons why learners might be difficult in the classroom, but one of the most common is a lack of attention at home. This can often manifest itself in disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, such as being awkward.

2. Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a common issue faced by students of all ages. For some, this feeling manifests as a need to be the class expert in order to get attention.

3. Seeking attention - One possible explanation is that class experts are often trying to mask their own insecurity or lack of self-confidence. In some cases, they may even be trying to deflect attention away from themselves and onto someone else.

4. Frustration and boredom

These emotions can be caused by many things, such as a teacher not understanding what is causing the frustration and boredom, or not knowing how to fix it. Some common triggers for these emotions are monotony in class, lack of interesting assignments, having to listen to a long lecture, and being seated in the back of the room.

5. Rebellion against authority

There has always been a rebellious streak in young people. It’s a natural response to authority and the status quo. For some students, this rebellion takes the form of asking difficult questions to test the boundaries of what’s acceptable behaviour.

6. Peer pressure and wanting to fit in

Peer pressure is a powerful force that can lead people to do things they normally wouldn’t. For students, this often means trying to fit in with the rest of their classmates by doing things they think are cool or funny. Unfortunately, this can often lead to them clowning around in the classroom, which can be disruptive and counterproductive.

You can read my blog on how to answer questions but these students feel like they’ve found a loophole in your behaviour policy, in that you can’t tell them off for “just asking a question”.

This is incorrect and you need to make clear that you consider this to be disruptive behaviour, just like any other.

Stay calm. Show them that the questions don’t faze you in the slightest. Answer them if they’re remotely sensible, then at some point say, “No more questions now” and mean it. If you have already explained something clearly then just drop a short sanction on them, instantly, because they should have been listening and focused. Once they see there’s no sport - and plenty of pain - in the activity, they will stop soon enough.

Remind them of the ground rules you will learn about in the Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

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