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How to choose the right training provider

Have you finally decided now is the time to take that new qualification? Or, if you’re a business, do you have the budget to bring in an external supplier for your employee learning and development? Great! But do you know how to choose the right training provider?

At the Education and Training Academy, we understand how much pressure you could be feeling if you are responsible for hiring external training suppliers. And how nervous you might be making the decision about which training company to go with personally.  

The team and I have all gone through that pain as students searching for the best training companies. So here are some pointers to help you with how to choose the right training provider.

Who is the training provider?

We highly recommend doing plenty of research and due diligence before making any decisions.  

Many students have come through our doors having previously started out with other trainers, but have not completed their course because they feel they have been misled about one aspect or another, or just don’t get the right level of support for their learning needs. This is simply not acceptable.

Search their website. Use your logic and your gut feel. If something doesn’t sit quite right, walk away. And if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

If you are wondering how to choose the right training provider, these tips are a great starting point, particularly if you’re searching online:

  • How long have they been delivering training courses?Look at their background, find out where and how they operate. What experience do they have?
  • What accreditation do they possess as a training facilitator, and what do they offer to students?
  • What communication channels are available? Is there a phone number and email address? What social media platforms could you follow them on?
  • Look for previous course feedback. Any reputable business nowadays, no matter what trade or industry, will gladly share customer comments, star ratings, and video testimonials. Researching previous student comments will give you, at the very least, some idea of the style, content, accessibility to the course material, presenters, the learning experience, and value.

Of course, they might only show positive comments, so do be prepared to ask for other feedback if you still feel uncertain.

  • Can they cater to your specific training requirements?

The Education and Training Academy website is clear and transparent and, in addition to our course information, we have included our background, experience, vision, mission, and values.

This is the kind of information you should be taking the time to research.

Does this training provider genuinely care about your needs?

No matter what learning route you are planning, whether you are seeking the perfect virtual course for yourself or a group tutor for your staff, when considering how to choose the right training provider, getting the right feel about the trainer is vital.

If social media or website pages don’t answer your questions, don’t be afraid to contact the training provider in advance of signing up for their training programmes to talk through specific training needs or other questions.

We would certainly rather know you are coming to us with confidence and commitment to your course from day one, so you engage and achieve more from your entire learning experience.

We’ll talk more about the learning experience and learning journey later.

Do they customize or adapt their course content?

How often have you sat through a seminar, or read a workbook that you know was produced years ago? The trainer has made no effort to update the data, or modernize the images or language used. You’re left feeling despondent, just another in a long line of students there to add to the course completion rates.

Or as part of a team on a time management course (I use that as an example because they were once all the rage, and are making a comeback!) it’s so obvious when the tutor knows absolutely nothing about your business or even your industry.   

Yes, there are times when a ‘one size fits all’ approach is enough. Specific regulations have to be delivered a certain way. Or professional practices must be followed.

However, with our years of experience, we know the best learning experience is created with a more customized bespoke presentation.  

Delivering on individual learning needs is what we pride ourselves on here at the Education and Training Academy.  

Our course content is relevant, delivered to a high standard, and meets specific objectives, whether for individual students learning through our online courses, or bespoke training to a department within their workplace.

Are multi-channel learning options available?

We truly believe that learning should be accessible for all. Because, at the end of the day, we want you to achieve your qualification in the way that suits you best.

This is why we offer courses in a variety of formats.

Studying online is not for everyone, although the same can be said for sitting in a classroom! And we also appreciate you might not be able to attend all sessions in real-time.

So we ensure all learning routes are catered for, from live sessions to video, audio, and visual course materials. Live seminars or classroom sessions can be watched back. Some of our courses are self-study via virtual learning so you can complete qualifications in your own time.  

Regardless of your chosen learning route, you will have access to our online learning portal where all your course materials can be stored in one easy-to-access platform.

Does the training provider monitor attendance and measure progress?

Although we encourage you to take accountability for your own learning, our tutors here at the Education and Training Academy also take some responsibility for your attendance and progress.

Your learning experience, your entire learning journey, is important to us. Not all training providers go to the lengths we do to ensure you are completely satisfied.

So, if there is an aspect of the course you are not enjoying, or feel your time is best spent elsewhere, we want to know! An early indicator could be evident in your attendance record, performance levels, and progress. This is why we include it within all our course planning, internal reviews, and objectives.

It is essential for us to monitor attendance and progress within a group training environment and to evidence standards for employee learning and development too.

Finally, the cost - you get what you pay for!

When looking for the best training provider for you, the cost of your course may well be your first thought.

We know there are hundreds of training course providers out there, ready to take your money, but not necessarily willing or able to meet your individual or company’s training needs.  

So why did we leave mentioning the cost until now in this article? Well, the price of your learning journey is last on our list, as we want to make sure you factor in the other aspects already mentioned.

One of our core values is that learning should be accessible for everyone, and we literally put our money where our mouth is!

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for self-study courses (with no admin fee, provided you haven’t submitted any work). And with an interest-free monthly payment option, we make our commitment to you as clear as possible from day one.

Why the Education and Training Academy should be top of your expert training provider shortlist

As we mentioned earlier, myself and the team here at the Education and Training Academy have been on both sides of the fence when it comes to training.

What makes us stand out from the other training establishments is our ultimate professionalism – not only in the courses we offer and the quality of our content and materials. But also in the fact that we genuinely care about the complete learner journey.

We have a clear vision and mission and we set ground rules for our tutors as well as our students.

Learning should be accessible for all, offering a safe, inclusive, and equal learning environment, in which we value diversity and commitment.

We use the VARK principle, which considers every learning style, and we provide materials to suit all needs. And if you find you are struggling with a virtual self-study course, you can upgrade, to join a classroom study group, without any additional admin fees.

Our courses are designed in the simplest, quickest, and easiest format to follow.

We are here with you and for you. This means you don’t have to rely on phone calls and emails if you have questions. Your dedicated tutor will answer them in regular study sessions.

And when you have completed your course, we go beyond just handing your certificate over. If we can help you find suitable employment, we will do that too!

Having read this article, we hope you appreciate the value we place on your learning experience and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about our courses, or your specific learning requirements.

And we wish you every success in deciding how to choose the right training provider.

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