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Factors that influence individual learning needs, preferences, and style in the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET)

Learning needs in the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

When each learner enrols on the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET) we need to identify their individual learning needs, their preferences, and their learning styles. The idea of this is so we can deliver training which will appropriate to them and will help them get their Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET) certificate much sooner and easier.  

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs organises the way that the needs of learners must be met for learners to meet their full potential. The idea is that basic needs must be met so learners can learn. I agree with the structure here as the basic needs for learners on the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET) is that they need to be fed so they are not dying of starvation and then they can focus on learning. If I’m hungry, my mind will wonder and start thinking about food and lunch therefore I’m not solely focused on my learning. There are six levels to Maslow’s hierarchy that starts at: 

1. Psychological needs – these are the necessities to survive.  

2. Safety is the next step. Learners need to feel safe in the classroom. Are they anxious about other learners or assessments? If they are, they are still not fully focused. 

3. Belongingness and love – this are the relationships that learners develop in the classroom, learners will identify with a group of people. During self-study you could argue that this stage is omitted.  

4. Recognition and achievement are step 4. Gaining recognition from others makes learners feel confident in their ability to learn. Therefore, feedback is important in the learning journey. 

5. Self-actualisation is the next step. Learners find ways to fulfil their potential, and this can be seeking our goals. Learners may now seek to complete the course to move onto the next stage of their career. 

6. Self-transcendence is the top level which can only be reached when all other levels have been reached. Learners have met their personal goals and therefore seek to help others around this. This is probably the main reason you want to become a teacher. We’ve reached the top of our subject now it’s time to pass on our experience to someone else. 

VARK Learning styles in the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

VARK learning styles are a way of measuring an individual’s preferred method of learning. You will be familiar with this enrolling on the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET) as you would complete this as part of the signup process. The idea is that it gets you to realise which is your preferred learning style to help you to encourage spending more time learning is in way as its more effective. No one is solely one learning style and you will be a combination of two or more. Your learning styles may changes depending upon your experience and the situation in hand. The four learning styles are: 

  1. Visual – learners that like to see arrows, charts, diagrams, 
  1. Auditory are learners that like to listen so maybe they are into music and podcasts.  
  1. Reading and writing are learners that work best by writing assignments, reading handouts, or researching online. 
  1. Kinaesthetic learners are those that like doing. 

A quick way to determine your learning style is to answer this question. If you buy furniture from idea, will you: 

  1. Read the instructions, 
  1. Watch a video, 
  1. Or just start? 
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