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Elevating Standards with the Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training

The realm of security and public safety is ever-evolving, demanding constant vigilance and a high level of skill from those tasked with maintaining order. At the Education and Training Academy, we understand the importance of not just meeting but exceeding the agreed standards in the assessment of Physical Intervention skills. Our flagship program, the Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training, is specifically designed to prepare SIA Instructors for this critical role.

Understanding the Conscious Competence Cycle

A cornerstone of our training methodology is the conscious competence cycle, a proven framework for skill acquisition. SIA Instructors are trained to identify and nurture this progression in their learners, ensuring that each stage—from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence—is achieved with a clear understanding and application of physical intervention techniques.

The Importance of Unprompted, Safe Application

Safety is paramount in any physical intervention scenario. Our SIA Instructors are adept at teaching learners how to apply techniques unprompted and safely, ensuring they're prepared for real-world situations. This not only includes technical proficiency but also the judgment to use the appropriate level of force—a critical aspect of the Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training.

Duty of Care: A Non-Negotiable Principle

The duty of care is woven into every aspect of our training programs. We emphasize the importance of considering the safety of all parties involved, including the individual being intervened, the intervener, and bystanders. This principle is a foundational aspect of the training for aspiring SIA Instructors.

Effective Communication: The First Line of Defense

Before any physical intervention is considered, effective communication is key. Our program places a strong emphasis on developing learners' abilities to use verbal and non-verbal cues to de-escalate conflicts. This skill is crucial for SIA Instructors, who must be able to manage situations calmly and assertively without resorting to physical measures.

Prioritizing De-escalation

Recognizing the potential for conflict and taking steps to de-escalate at the earliest opportunity is a skill that all SIA Instructors must master. Through the Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training, we teach the importance of de-escalation, providing learners with the techniques and confidence to prevent conflicts from escalating to a point where physical intervention is necessary.

A Comprehensive Approach to Assessment

Our assessment standards reflect the complexities of physical intervention. Through practical examinations, continuous observation, and reflective feedback, we ensure that our SIA Instructors are not only competent in the skills they teach but are also capable of delivering training that meets the rigorous standards expected in the security industry.

At the Education and Training Academy, we're committed to providing the highest standard of training for SIA Instructors. Our Level 3 Award in Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training is more than just a certification; it's a commitment to excellence, safety, and the well-being of the public.

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